To design and manufacture prefabricated structures, we create information models in the Autodesk Revit software package. Based on the best practices of BIM technologies, our specialists have designed detailed three-dimensional BIM models of interior engineering systems, frame and coating of all modules presented in the catalogue.

Each BIM model contains digital information about the type, quantity and properties of wall, floor and ceiling panels, as well as their elements and materials used.

Thus, we can create highly accurate data registers on each module taking into account all its smallest details.

We use BIM-technology to achieve the maximum module production precision at the factory. Information 3D-models are sent to CNC machines, where automatic and semi-automatic assembly is carried out.

BIM models meeting the LOD 300 standard are developed for all modules from the catalogue. BIM models include ready-made architectural, structural and engineering solutions for which one can choose equipment and options of interior and exterior finish.

BIM models allow designers to understand all characteristics of the future facility at the initial stage of design: they can get full specifications and estimate the required amount of materials and elements for each module and for the project as a whole.

Engineering solutions include projects of module structures and assembly of modules into a building, BIM models, CAD / CAM drawings. All design solutions comply with the Construction Standards and Regulations and Construction Rules in force in the Russian Federation. The projects have passed all inspections required by legislation. Noviy Dom holds all the necessary certificates that allow for the construction of modular buildings and structures and that confirm their safety.