Engineering solutions include projects for prefabricated module structures and the assembly of modules into a building, BIM models, CAD / CAM drawings. All design solutions correspond to the Construction Standards and Regulations and Construction Rules in force in the Russian Federation.

The projects have passed all inspections required by the legislation. Noviy Dom holds all the necessary certificates that allow for the construction of modular buildings and structures and that confirm their safety.


Documentation for a specific facility is released based on the Engineering Solutions Album:

  • - engineering solutions for element production;
  • - options for finishing and building materials;
  • - element and module assembly technology ;
  • - internal communications laying sequence;
  • - module lifting and transportation system.
Fragment of an album for modular residential apartment buildings no higher than four floors

Panels are assembled into a module as per the following procedure:

  • Connection of floor panels with wall panels
  • Assembly of partition panels
  • Installation of ceiling panels
  • Laying / connection of utilities
  • Assembly of interior finish
  • Installation of ceiling panel
  • Installation of temporary connections for transportation / installation

After this, a licensed installation organisation installs the structures as per the work project and the corresponding Construction Standards and Regulations and Construction Rules.

Standard modules are assembled during the construction of a building following a strict technological sequence:

  • Foundation (foundation is designed for each specific site)
  • Installation of connecting pieces of the foundation
  • Assembly of ground floor modules
  • Installation of ground floor connecting pieces
  • Assembly of first (next) floor /roof modules
  • Connection of the building’s engineering systems
  • Packing of module joints
  • Façade finishing
  • Flooring and finishing of the floor, installation of interior doors