Noviy Dom is a subsidiary of Knauf and is located in Krasnogorsk.

Our factory produces prefabricated structures (prefabricated panels and modules) for the construction of houses, buildings and structures of various types and purposes.

The factory is a step-by-step conveyor that manufactures over 80% of future buildings. It produces floor, ceiling and wall prefabricated panels and partitions that are assembled at the factory into a prefabricated module ready for transportation to the construction site.

NOVIY DOM prefabricated structures are manufactured using modern equipment by the German company WIENMANN, which specialises in the manufacture of automatic lines for the assembly of prefabricated structures. This line allows minimising deviations from the project and production waste.

Ready prefabricated modules are produced with exterior and interior base building condition, with the integration of all engineering systems (electrical engineering, heating, hot and cold water supply, sewage, ventilation, alert systems, Internet, video surveillance, etc.) in the floor, ceiling and wall panels.

  • Plant location: Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region
  • Production launch: Q1 2019
  • Module production capacity: 20,000 m2 buildings per year
  • Panel production capacity: 100,000 m2 per year
  • Staff: 20 persons per shift, 3-shift manufacture
  • Buildings and structures area: 4,900 m2
  • Investment volume: EUR 6.5 million
  • Production stages: manufacture of floor panels, ceiling panels, exterior wall panels, interior partitions, module assembly

Component suppliers are reliable and proven manufacturers that include representatives of such global brands as Knauf Gips, Rehau, Legrand, Bosch, Weiland and Marmoroc. All suppliers are located in the Moscow Region.