Prefabricated structures are building structures that are manufactured at a factory and are currently being widely used in modern house building.

NOVIY DOM (KNAUF Group) manufactures 2 types of prefabricated structures:

  • Prefabricated panels;
  • Prefabricated modules (prefabricated dimensional modules, which include exterior wall panels, interior partitions, floor and ceiling panels).

NOVIY DOM makes its prefabricated structures from the following materials:

  • bearing metal frame made of light metal structures,
  • metal frame made of light steel thin-walled structures
  • thermal insulation (KNAUF insulation mineral wool),
  • water and wind protective membrane, vapour barrier film,
  • KNAUF aquapanel,
  • plywood
  • KNAUF sapphire board (plasterboard with special characteristics)

All materials are certified, and the panel structures have successfully passed soundproofing tests and fire safety and durability tests.

The basic overall dimensions of a module are 3.2*6.4*3.0 meters.

This type of module is used in the construction of all types of facilities with projects that are presented on our website. (Learn more about the projects by following the link BUILDINGS CATALOGUE)

Additional sizes of prefabricated structures can be custom-developed as per individual customers’ requirements. We actively interact with developers and construction companies to design individual solutions for them based on the set tasks.

Panels are assembled into a module as per the following procedure:

  • Connection of floor panels with wall panels
  • Assembly of partition panels
  • Installation of ceiling panels
  • Laying / connection of utilities
  • Assembly of interior finish
  • Installation of ceiling panel
  • Installation of temporary connections for transportation/installation

NOVIY DOM currently produces over 50 types of modules that include a kitchen area, bathrooms, toilets.

Learn more about the types of modules in the Module Catalogue.